Heavens, I feel old!!

I am Lady Anna Calypso. Gothic and alternative model from the UK. Welcome to my Althemy page.
I'm a bit on the old side for all this (45) so I'm doing my best and will give it all up when the phase "mutton dressed as lamb" springs to mind!!
I create and design jewellery and have my own business, and I love cats! In fact I have two, Norweigian Forest kitten Harriet and ginger and white George.

My photographer is my husband, Andy, who had never even thought about being a photographer until I pursuaded him!

Oh, and I have a chronic illness M.E, which means that I cannot stand up for more than a minute or so - that makes photoshoots a challenge. It greatly affects my every day life and is extremely debilitating. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have about it.

I am a person of few words so this blog is all about the pictures.

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Twitter - www.twitter.com/calypsomodel
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